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Hello, I am a new teacher (officially a teacher for 2 years) and I was wondering how you handle your Admin. I have moved between two schools and the new school I am at is very passive aggressive. I am not good at the politics and I feel like my Admin is not fully supportive of what I am doing. I also know there have been a number of complaints made about me by parents. y principal just takes what the parents say as the truth and doesn't take the time to see what is really going on in my class. I also am forced to have my IC in my room while I teach due to all the complaints (I assume). Yet, somehow I am still receiving complaints and am not allowed to know why or what is being said. All I am allowed to know is there are complaints made about me roughly every 2 weeks and I feel no support from the principal on it all. Every time my IC is in my room she has a number of things I am doing wrong in terms of standards being placed around my room, my bulletin boards and how I am not using tec...See More

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