Re: moving to fourth
    Alice Lee

    What is the Daily five for reading? I have never heard of
    it, unless by a different name. I teach with trade books, and
    my students love it. I get a lot of info out of the books.
    If you would like to know more, just holler. Alice
    On 6/20/11, mrszemog wrote:
    > Hello, I'm have been teaching first grade for the past five
    > years and will be moving up to fourth grade next year. I'm
    > nervous, excited and full of questions. I hope you can help
    > me out by giving me some insight.
    > READING: How do you do your reading? Do you do whole class
    > or small groups? Do you have the entire class reading one
    > book or do you have reading groups reading different books.
    > Does anyone use the Daily 5 in their classrooms for
    > reading?
    > I will appreciate any and all insight. Thanks! MG