Re: what would you buy ?

    On 7/09/11, Cathy wrote:
    > I'm the teacher moving from 2nd to 4th after 33 years in
    > K-2. So I cleaned out my K-2 stuff and had a yard sale
    > today. The prices were cheap and people bought, bought,
    > bought. Everyone ended the day very happy (especially my
    > husband).
    > Now my question for you .... I want to take about $100 from
    > the yard sale and purchase some 4th grade things. My school
    > will supply me with the 4th grade math curriculum and sorta
    > the reading program (we actually don't have one), but we do
    > have Scholastic leveled books in the school.
    > What are the things that you would recommend to me to
    > purchase ? I plan to use tables and have community
    > supplies. I am also the type teacher who will want to do
    > projects, etc.
    > Thanks for your help with this. I am starting to get
    > excited about teaching 4th. Thank you also for all the
    > wonderfull answers you have snet my way. Cathy :)