Re: what's your favorite daily math skill review?

    On 8/07/11, tx jenn wrote:
    > the math curriculum my district uses doesn't have a built
    > in review...i am looking for something that i could use
    > daily for a warm up or review...

    I use the Daily Spiral Review in the Envisions series, but I
    don't use it as seatwork. I use it as part of BoardMath - a
    program where you post daily problems for each of the strands
    of math on your classroom whiteboard. The children
    choral-read the problems, you walk them through solutions and
    they do the problems showing their work and answers on
    individual whiteboards. It is very effective, the students
    are very engaged, and you can get a very quick read on what
    your class has mastered and what needs more practice. You
    can see it demonstrated on youtube or google the program.

    I use the Daily Spiral Review from my textbook series, but
    I've seen other teachers make up their own problems or use
    the standardized test release questions they download online,
    adjusting them as needed.

    Hope that gives you a few ideas!