Re: lice
    Vet Teacher

    On 8/31/11, CL wrote:
    > Hello, I was wondering if anyone has problems with lice in
    > their classrooms. This is the 1st year that its become a
    > problem. The students with lice are still coming to school,
    > and my school is not doing anything about it. Any advice
    > would be greatly appreciated.

    We often have a lice outbreak every year - it's not uncommon.
    Where's your school nurse on this?? You do have a school nurse.
    If you've got a student with lice, send them to the nurse. And
    check on-line -I think each state has established procedures
    for how a school nurse and the school are supposed to follow up.

    If you don't have a school nurse...

    If you do, go to the nurse and asked to be checked for lice.
    Maybe somehow the nurse doesn't even know this is going on.