Re: Historical Fiction/Nonfiction books

    >> Some of my favorites are - The Light in the Forest. My Brother
    >> Sam is Dead. The Day No Pigs Would Die. War Comes to Willy
    >> Collins. The Watsons Go To Birmingham.

    FYI- I would not include My Brother Sam is Dead on a fourth-grade
    reading list. My sons read it in eighth grade. Heavy content.
    That is a tough genre at the beginning of fourth-grade. Richard
    Peck has a few stories written during the 30's. The Earth Dragon
    Awakes is a good reading level for some of your lower readers. Out
    of the Dust by Karen Hesse would probably take some support. How Ben
    Franklin stole the LIghtning. I would investigate good picture
    books to put on your list if this is something you're doing in the
    next few weeks. (PS- I am probably biased at the moment due to the
    reading levels of my current fourth-graders!)