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Has anyone come up with a good Mnemonic device to remember the days of the week in French? Every year the tests come back to me with the days misspelled and in the wrong order.. Looking for a catchy phrase (like Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally or My Very Educated Mother...) to help them remember the order. L M M J V S D Off the top of my head... Little Merry Men Jump Very Slowly Daily That is horrible - I am sure someone has something better. Merci!!
diana What about a song instead of a mnemonic? I taught a song to kindergarten kids that basically went to the tune of the chorus of "Alouette":

lundi, mardi, mercredi et jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche aussi.

On 10/19/12, Mme Sans Merci wrote: > Has anyone come up with a good Mnemonic device to remember > the days of the week i...See More
Oct 19, 2012
Mme Sans Merci I do a song, too, and it sounds like the end of that song that goes "Oh my darlin' Clementine etc..." but the mnemonics my students came up with for this were: Little Miss Muffet Just Vacuumed Spot's Doghouse and Little Miss Molly Jumped, Voila She Died. Thanks!

On 10/19/12, diana wrote: > What about a song instead of a mnemonic? I taug...See More
Oct 31, 2012
James in France Greetings:

Relying on mnemonic devices for such everyday concrete words is not a good idea. By using the words in context that are needed for communication students will acquire the words.

Perhaps we should test the students in three phrases? Phase one, spell each word in a dictation Phase two, chronological order Phase three, use...See More
Nov 9, 2012
Ste McLean That song is WAAAAY too difficult and complicated for a group of year 7 students trying to learn the days of the week. They need a song or a chant with JUST those words.

I find saying the days of the week to the "military chant" is a good idea.

lundi mardi mercredi (lundi mardi mercredi) jeudi vendredi samedi(jeudi vendredi samedi...See More
Nov 28, 2012
James in Belgium Greetings,

For six years (twice a week for 25 mi.)I taught French on the elementary school level: students from age 6 to 11, Kindergarten to grade 5 in a rural USA setting. Too many students were low I.Q. and from culturally impoverished homes.

I did not underestimate my students and I gave them the chance to learn as much as they...See More
Dec 1, 2012

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