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I need to commiserate. I am an 8 year French teacher and I feel like I've got a good amount of experience under my belt. I often wonder what goes on in others' classes and if I am doing enough or whether my courses are rigorous enough. Also, I like to refresh my methods and add new activities to keep my kids on their toes. I go to conferences and I always have my eyes and mind open for new ideas.

Do others feel they fall into a rut at times? Do others enjoy routines or more variety?

Jenelle Henry I have been teaching french as a second language for several years. I know that feeling you are talking about when you say you go into a rut at times. I am for variety but many times I find I am limited by time. There are a lot of ideas and possibilities available online. You can check out pinterest or simply search for what ever you have in mind a...See More
Dec 5, 2018

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