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Yes, I know it's been awhile since I have posted here. No
excuse is good enough, but this has been one %%$#@##!@$#%&*
of a school year.

I hope we can still pull this off and I still have very
fond memories of our very first get together in Cherokee,
NC, back in 1998.

Anyway, here is a general link to the Maggie Valley area.
Just what would everyone like to see and do??? Lemme have
some feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kdw /blockquote>

Hi Bill,
I was wondering what was going on with this. It looks like
our plans have changed for the summer. I was hoping to be
IN Maggie when we had the gathering. It looks like we will
actually be in Winston Salem that week (oh Bitsy....did ya
read that???) I am hoping however, to come for a day or
tw...See More
Apr 16, 2004
Bill T 6 NC /blockquote>

Kelli, by all means, have your Mother check into the Castlewood
Inn. I suspect some have already made their own reservations in
the area.
Apr 16, 2004
5th /blockquote>

Great site Bill! My hubby and I are looking forward to the
trip. It will be my first trip since being diagnosed with
cancer and having chemo. We are staying at the Best Western
Mountain Inn. I have stayed there before and loved it!

Please let me know where we will meet and what is planned for
the g...See More
Apr 16, 2004
EMA /blockquote>

Oh wow...I haven't been to Maggie Valley since my college
days...rode my dinosaur up would love to come
up...probably just for a night...have dinner with everyone
and then head back to Gainesville, (GA)...sounds like fun!

Apr 18, 2004

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