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Update on GA Gathering plans

    Hey...The plans are coming right along!!! Here is my first
    tenative plans...and am needing input from you all of
    course...please join us for as little or much as you canThurs 6/2: meet for lunch
    check into rooms
    Go to Stone Mountain Park; eat there, stay for Laser show

    Friday 6/3, breakfast
    Go to downtown area: Underground, World of coke, CNN tour,
    Music at Noon at Centennial Park; High Museum, etc.


    After supper is where I need input. I checked into the
    Menopause musical...and it does look hilarious...but the
    tickets will be about $45 after all the charges...and that
    sounded steep to me...but I'm certainly game if you are!!

    Other Friday night ideas: there are two comedy clubs One
    is called Punchline, the comedian that night is Tom
    Rhodes; tickets are $14. The other is Funny Farm; comedian
    is Robert Kelly, tickets are $10. I have not heard of
    either of these comedians..have you?

    Sat 6/4. Breakfast and shopping at Lenox?

    I tried to find a tea room, but couldn't find one that
    sounded like what we were looking for.

    Jennifer, I LOVE the idea of the t shirts!! Let me know
    when you know something about that.

    Jules is checking into getting us discount motel rates at
    the motel where her daughter works.

    Let me know what you think so far and your input!!!