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Y'all have lots and lots of fun!!! I'm so sorry that I won't get to join the group! Life
Ima Teacher, who managed to miss it I got a voicemail from Tizzy's DH right as we were unloading the truck, and by the time we got unloaded and to the room left in the mail, everybody was gone. I sent a text to that number and stuck a post-it on the motel door saying I'd see them today . . . but never managed to connect.

DH and I have put in a full couple of days, and we're ...See More
Jun 17, 2009
pizwit I am sorry that we didn't connect. We never saw any notes. Wondering if the text came through. We had a wonderful time and am so sad that we didn't get to meet you. Hopefully we will have another chance one day.

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On 6/17/09, Ima Teacher, who managed to miss it wrote: > I got a voicemail from Tiz...See More
Jun 18, 2009
Ima Teacher It was a hot-pink post it note with an H inital on it. I guess with all the humidity it didn't stick. I need to carry the super sticky ones.

I sent the t ex t to the number Tizzy sent me, and it matched the number that left the voice mes sage.

We had a good time, so it's OK . . . maybe I'll get to make it another time!
Jun 18, 2009

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