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At the school I was working at over the last month they were having a Weight Loss Challenge. Participants were weighed at the start (weights kept confidential) and then each week with the weight loss posted as a percentage rather than a weight. Lots of discussion at lunch times over healthy lunches, who wants to join the after school walkers, who was going to the gym..etc. About 25 of a staff of perhaps 40 seemed to be involved.... There were prizes to be had at the end of term for the highest percentage loss... I thought it was a fun way to encourage healthy habits and everyone seemed to be supportive of the participants. Some fairly big losses seemed to be happening too...
Kathy A few years back our entire school district had a program; we are a small district though. At that time the staff was much older and the middle school gym teacher along with one of the social workers set up a points program. Anyone could join, everyone paid a flat fee and then we had weekly winners for a 6 week period. You got points for working ou...See More
Jun 11, 2011

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