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Would love to hear from others what questions you ask of your students on first day of class surveys. Also, how do you put these into use. And, if you do not do this, why? Thanks in advance!
  • Zodea I also tell my students that by filling out the information, it helps me know who to nominate for various awards that come up during the year. I have no idea who is an Eagle scout or who has volunteered hundred of hours at the hospital. Those thing...See More
    Aug 11, 2012 report post
  • Daniel Hanson On the first day, I have my students answer these 7 questions: 1. Why are you taking Spanish? (I'm a public high school Spanish teacher.) 2. I ask them for any pronunciation help with their name or what they preferred to be called in class (thi...See More
    Aug 11, 2012 report post

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