Did anyone see this????

    Kyle Thompson is a normal 14-year-old kid who loves playing
    football and hanging out with his friends. His coach is his
    biggest fan. His principal says he'd love to have an entire
    school filled with students like Kyle.

    So why on earth was Kyle led from school in handcuffs,
    expelled from all state public schools and placed under
    house arrest?

    Because of Michigan's so-called 'zero-tolerance' policy
    that criminalizes our kids by turning minor issues into
    criminal offenses.

    Kyle's teacher wanted to see a note he had written, and
    when she playfully tried to take it from him, he tried to
    hold on to it. Even though all the witness statements said
    that the teacher was joking around and Kyle didn't act
    aggressively, the day ended with Kyle under arrest.

    Kyle's story exposes the injustice of Michigan's 'zero-
    tolerance' policies, and we're going to spark a change with
    a massive petition to the state legislature.

    Will you stand up for Kyle and sign the petition demanding
    that Michigan reform its failed 'zero-tolerance' policies
    that criminalize students like him for minor infractions?

    Sadly, Kyle's story is not unique. Countless young
    students across the country are treated the same--and even
    worse--because of a 'zero-tolerance' approach to school
    discipline that is spreading throughout the U.S.

    It takes kids out of the education system and funnels them
    into the criminal justice system because of a single, small
    infraction. There, they can look forward to a life of
    neglect and lost opportunity, as it can be impossible to
    find new schools or attend college once their records are

    And because of documented bias in the application of
    justice, these policies often hit students of color the
    hardest. In Kyle's case, his school says it was prevented
    from handling punishment differently, stating: "The issue
    raised in this petition presents an opportunity for
    citizens to examine 'zero tolerance' laws in Michigan. . ."

    So this doesn't have to be the end of Kyle's story, or the
    stories of thousands of students just like him. With enough
    public pressure, we can push Michigan to change their ill-
    conceived 'zero-tolerance' law and set an example for
    states to prioritize educating, not imprisoning, our young

    Sign the petition now calling on the Michigan Legislature
    to reform zero-tolerance laws and keep students like Kyle
    in school and out of jail.

    Thank you,

    Anthony for the ACLU Action team