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Hi guys. I am trying to get a feel for a new business venture that I am exploring. I have a PhD in Biology and Education Research and am looking to start a grading service for teachers/professors as a bit of a side gig. It would probably just focus on science for the time being and would include papers, lab reports, capstone projects, exams, etc. The focus here is to help already overworked teachers catch up on backlogged grading and provide a sort of "virtual TA" service. As a result I am looking for some opinions.....is this something that you think teachers would be interested in? Pricing thoughts? Best place to post/advertise these services? Just trying to gather some opinions, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Monty I have a ton of thoughts about how to design a good grading software for teachers, unfortunately I think it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell something like that as most school districts have adopted enterprise (top down) grading software that all teachers must use. I think Micrograde was better than any of the other grading software that ...See More
Jun 13, 2018

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