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Hello HS instructors ( specifically 9th & 10th Grades ),

I would greatly appreciate your input on how I should address the behavior of students after two weeks of absence due to illness. The Sub who covered me for 8 days ( 4 days each Block, no school on Good Friday and I worked Friday 4/26 left notes regarding unacceptable behavior of my students. You know when the Cat's away the mice will play. As simple as talking out loud to throwing paper planes with very offensive notes written on each as well as a condom stuffed with bread crumbs thrown at her !!!!! )

My intention is to not say anything. My silence was deafening on Friday. Since I don't have names even though I could easily get into a class discussion which would just take more time that we don't have considering we are approaching end of year state testing dates as well as final exam week! I just don't have the energy.

I doubt speaking to the grade level administrator will do much. So I am jus...See More

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