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My students crack me up! I have a lot of toys in my classroom. I called a little seven year old, wild child up to my desk and started giving him a pep talk. He noticed that I had a "Magic 8 Ball" on my desk. He said "What is that?" I saw a golden opportunity and made a big deal about this question. I told him this is the all powerful, magic eight ball that predicts the future. I told him it really works! I told him to watch. I put on a show "Oh MAGIC 8 Ball! All powerful 8 ball. Will (wild child's name) turn his behavior around and have a great day?" I shook the ball and it said YES!!!! His face lit up and his eyes got wide. He went back to his seat shaking his head. A while later I was passing by his table. I heard him saying to the boy next to him "The Magic 8 Ball said I was going to have a great day. I CAN'T believe it!" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

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