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Have had it for 5 months. LOwest plan of 25 gigbytes. In mid July we got notification that we'd reached 75% of our monthly usage. No problem, we thought, as we'd had two guests for 3 days and they used it at night, etc. But a week later we got notification that we'd used up 100%. We don't run any netflix, movies, etc. We're facebook, email, stockmarket, news/info sites etc. Just me and hubby--empty nesters. An IT friend came by, checked the system, redid passwords, hid the network name, etc. Anyways, we've had new neighbours who seem to have different people come and go in the house (renting rooms, maybe?) and our office where the wireless box is located is less than 15 feet from an office/bedroom where it appears two people actually live. There are additional computers visible in the kitchen, dining room. There could be others. Even though the security on ours was upgraded by our friend, my DH said he'd sleep easier if we ditched it. Apparently, we'd been barely scratching the surface...See More

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