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It’s no surprise that children are somewhat hesitant when it comes to trying new foods. While some

children are disinterested in some of the texture in foods, others are just simply afraid. One of

these food groups, that many children are hesitant of tasting, is milk. Nevertheless, too much milk

can be too fattening for your body, but the correct amount will ensure the strengthening of bones.

And, I mean, what kid doesn’t want strong bones? Luckily, I know two children; a ten year old boy

and a six year old girl. To my surprise, these children had never even tasted Chocolate Milk. While

chocolate milk may be slightly more “unhealthy” than regular milk, chocolate milk is still a great way

to help establish the strengthening of bones. So, we had a taste test!

The products that we used for the taste test included these various chocolate drinks.

Product Calories Daily Value of Iron (&37;)

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