Re: Open House

    On 7/15/14, Amy T... wrote:
    > I am not sure what to do during open house.
    > I need some ideas Please Help !!

    First make sure you have student work samples displayed
    around the room and on a bulletin board outside the room.
    Invite parents to sit at their child's desk or table (use name
    plates if desks are not labeled) and begin by introducing
    yourself, credentials, goals for the year, the curriculum and
    anything exciting you have planned for the year. Invite
    parents to look at child's desk and work displayed around
    room. Depending on the grade, you can have students
    write a note to their parents: Dear mom, we are learning
    about... hope you like my desk,etc. or if early childhood,
    music in background that you normally use in class.
    Basically, anything to let your parents get a glimpse into
    their day/what they are learning. How creative or how
    much you do depends on the time frame you have. Also,
    remind parents that open house is more of a meet and
    greet and any questions about their child can be
    addressed individually at another time. Good luck.