Smart Goals?

    Hi everyone,
    I used to post on here frequently but it's been awhile so hi
    everyone. I shouldn't have taken a break because I'm
    already thinking, yea why DO my books need to be
    organized?! Haha.

    Anyway, we have been doing SMART goals in my district
    for several years now. My team did goals on improving
    number sense, interest in reading, math challenge and
    phonemic awareness. I did individual ones on developing
    "math talk" and creating goals with students.

    I know my goal should come from something I feel I need
    to work on/improve but to be honest I need some
    inspiration. I had a baby in January so my real goal for
    the year is just to figure out how to balance it all!

    If you are asked to do SMART goals in your district, what
    have you done? Need some ideas!