Re: Sight Words

    On 8/03/14, Renee wrote:
    > How many sight words are your kindergarteners required
    > learn by the end of the school year? With the Common
    > and all, my team and I are trying to determine how many
    > sight words are kindergarteners should learn by the end of
    > the year. Our 11 year old reading series only requires them
    > learning 18. We have some team members that want to
    > the fry list and some only want to use the dolch list.
    > Any and all thoughts/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

    Last year I taught the kindergartners 32 sight words and 13
    out of 20 learned 28 or more of them. The lowest child
    learned 16 of the words, but she was absent about half the
    time during the last 5 weeks of the year. This year I'm
    aiming for 60 words. I put them on 3X 5 cards and
    introduced a new word about every other day (I waited a few
    months before we started). We spent about 5-7 minutes on
    them each day - passing them out and reading them to a
    partner, making word games (who has a word with two o's
    on it), hiding the word so no one could see it, and when I
    said your word, you have to give it to me - last one with a
    card wins. We showed our words to each other, and then I
    would call on kids one at a time to say the words they
    remember (if someone says your card, you have to put it in
    the center of the circle). Lots of games to get the kids to see
    thewords and think about them. We used the sight words
    tomake sentences during writing time. Last year was the
    first time I had tried as many as 32 words, and It was s o
    successful, I'm aiming for 60 this year.