What are we 'teaching' ?

    Feedback please :)

    this is my view on 'teaching' as I don't believe we are
    there to attempt to teach children anything, but only there
    to provide opportunities in which they can learn at their
    own interest and readiness.

    What are we 'teaching' ?

    So you're a teacher?

    Ask yourself this, what do you teach?

    And your answer? Well maybe you would answer: I TEACH
    children, I TEACH adults, I TEACH Maths, I TEACH Physics, I
    TEACH English. . . well let me distinguish. . .

    How? How you do you TEACH these things?

    According to the dictionary to teach means "to impart
    knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do
    something" Well I guess the next question would be who
    needs to be taught? Infants? Toddlers? Children? Parents?
    Adults? Sisters? Mothers? Fathers? Brothers? Who?

    Everyone needs someone to teach them right? Wrong.

    Why not? It's really quite simple. . .

    Children don't need to be taught to walk, but they need the
    space to take their first steps and the motivation.

    Children don't need to be taught to talk, but they need the
    opportunity to be involved in conversation

    Children don't need to be taught about the environment, but
    they need the opportunity to experience creation

    Children don't need to be taught to be polite, but they
    need the opportunity to experience positive communication

    So you see the difference, teaching vs. providing

    As humans we are born as a social being. Right from the get
    go you are surrounded by other humans and through each and
    every interaction your perception is adaptable. We rely on
    other people to shape our views and values of the world but
    not everybody is compatible, so how can you TEACH a room
    full people the same thing when it is generic and
    mechanical. Society dictates what everyone should know but
    if not everyone is the same and learns in different ways
    why are we put in box and told right from wrong and that we
    don't belong.

    When children are born their minds are open and free from
    the influence of society's pressure, so instead of telling
    and measure, let them explore and treasure.

    There is no need to fill a child's mind but instead provide
    opportunities in which they can open it.

    As Albert Einstein said "I never teach my pupils, I only
    attempt to provide conditions in which they can learn".

    It is really that simple. If we changed our thinking and
    took a step back instead of teaching we could provide the
    right track. Open their minds instead of filling with ABC,
    from there they can see the world with the full potential
    of what it could be.

    How would you like to learn? Would you appreciate being
    told what to think or having the opportunity and support to

    Being told that sand is rough or smooth, cold or hot, wet
    or dry, or experiencing the fresh air with your feet in the
    sand and sun on your skin.

    So I ask you again, what do you TEACH?

    And at last I'll leave you with this

    Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember,
    involve me and I'll understand.

    Hide not your talents, for use they were made, what is a
    sundial that is kept in the shade.

    Just think.