Re: Do you need to stop me?
    jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006

    I think this is a wonderful sentiment for a 3-5 year old
    preschool child, but in kindergarten, ideally, we provide
    Choice Time (free play) of 40-60 minutes each day to
    accommodate this kind of learning, which makes me not feel
    guilty in making them come to a rug time when asked. It is
    important for all children to learn to follow directions in a
    timely manner, especially when they are in a group. I
    remember one year a parent who was also a PE teacher at
    another school made the remark that she was surprised I was
    always on time...I plan my time well and allow for giving a
    couple of time warnings so there are no tantrums.

    On 8/18/14, Tanna wrote:
    > What are your thoughts on this little poem?
    > Do you need to stop me?
    > Do you need to stop me?
    > Please just let me be
    > I hear you calling 'mat time' but I just don't think you
    > See, here I am with my all friends engaged in making 'tea'
    > With some soft green leaves, a bit water and some sand
    > from the sea.
    > I'm making one for you,
    > Please just let me be,
    > I want you to see what I am making,
    > And smile back at me.
    > I am very busy and I'm sure that you can see,
    > But when you make me stop you miss out on what could
    > be
    > It's hard for me to stop when I just need to be
    > See what you don't understand is
    > I am on a learning spree
    > I am learning to be creative, social, and free
    > So do you need to stop me?
    > Please just let me be
    > Routines can wait another five
    > My learning should be the key.