Re: 6 year old wetting himself
    jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006

    I agree with Flacka on all fronts....if everyone backs off,
    the child may very well relax and be fine. School can be
    especially stressful for those that have not had previous
    experieces. When my own children experienced a new baby in
    our household, they didn't regress in their pottying, but the
    awoke in the middle of the night to pee more and as they got
    used to the new baby, it disappeared, but many children
    totally regress. I'm thinking going to school is every bit as
    traumatic as a new baby and the less attention paid to this,
    the better...he'll come back around. He may not have been
    totally trained for very long. Just be patient and

    On 8/30/14, Flacka - 1 more thing wrote:
    > I had a child 2 years ago who asked for drinks and had
    > many accidents. The mother took her to the doctor who said
    > she was fine, she just had a "small bladder". The next
    > year the child got very, very sick and almost died. Turns
    > out she was diabetic but the doctor never tested her for
    > it initially. Sudden wetting or bed wetting can be a sign
    > of diabetes.