Re: Have to Laugh

    I think the disclaimer is an excellent idea, since I soooo do
    not agree with this policy. It's why this group is a wonderful
    means of support. I appreciate your advice. :)

    On 9/01/14, SeussFan wrote:
    > I think laugh is about all you can do! Our district has a
    list of
    > about 50 words that they expect, and I add some for my high
    > students. At the end of the year, I usually have about a
    > that know 70 words, a third that master about 50, and then
    > rest who struggle. Whenever my cohorts and I are forced to do
    > something that we think is developmentally inappropriate, we
    > always put a bit of a "disclaimer" on it in newsletters to
    > so that they know it came from the district and not us.
    > year, ABCD district has adopted a new initiative and would
    > to see all kindergarten students learn 200 sight words by the
    > end of the year. This challenge is new to the teaching staff
    > so we are embarking on this new journey with your child. As
    > always, we will do our best to support your child in the
    > process and meet the individual needs of each child to the
    > of our ability.
    > Good luck!
    > On 9/01/14, Cathy/Jax wrote:
    >> I just wanted to share something funny with you all because
    >> I'm sure you'll be amazed.
    >> Our county has decided that our K students should learn
    >> the first 200 FRY words this year -- 50 each quarter. They
    >> recommend that we teach 5-6 of these words each week.
    > Have
    >> you ever heard of such a thing??!?!
    >> I'm in my 34th year of teaching and just can't imagine most
    >> K students accomplishing this.
    >> I just can't wrap my head around it.