Re: Letters - don't want to threadjack

    On 9/06/14, Flacka wrote:
    > Regarding letters and sounds...
    > How do you teach letters and sounds?
    > How many letters and sounds to they have to know before
    > you start teaching them to read?

    Usually about 3/4 of my class attended our district's PreK
    program which teaches the kids letters/sounds. Of course
    that doesn't mean they have all mastered the letters, but at
    least they were exposed. Then the other 1/4 come from
    varying private preschools, Head start or have not had any
    Prek. So, like most teachers, I have kids with varying
    skills at the beginning of the year.

    My district uses Treasures and we do our own guided Reading
    program which we start after Christmas. Treasures basically
    is still "Letter of the Week," but I work on all the
    letters/sounds in the fall and basically most of my kids will
    know the whole alphabet and most sounds by the time we start
    guided Reading in January. Before we start Guided Reading,
    however, we are still learning sight words and beginning to
    put letters together to start CVC words. With the Treasures
    series, for example, the first 3 letters we cover in
    September are Mm, Aa, and Ss. So, by the 3rd week we are
    already blending the letters to spell "am" and "Sam." We
    then add Pp and Tt and can start to spell "sat," "pat"
    etc.... We also work on sight word readers and predictable
    text in the fall too.

    I know a lot of schools start guided reading right away, but
    we have found that starting it a little later in the year
    when most of the kids have mastered the alphabet and sounds
    is a lot less stressful and enjoyable. Our kids do really
    well with guided reading once we get to it.