Re: What works with your criers?

    I had success with a little girl when I suggested she keep a
    photo of Mommy in the outside pocket of her backpack.
    Anytime she missed Mommy she had permission to look in
    the backpack at her Mommy's smile. It took about a week
    for her to not need to peek at it anymore. It stayed in the
    back pack for months however.

    I also tell kids it's okay to miss Mommy. "That means you
    love each other very much and that's a wonderful thing to
    have. And Mommy will pick you up/be at the bus stop/
    whatever when our day is over. Right now your job is to
    FILL IN THE BLANK so you can tell her all about it when
    you see her."

    On 9/06/14, JinK wrote:
    > I have two daily "I miss my mommy" criers. I tried "bring
    > stuffed friend", "Make a picture for Mommy", The Kissing
    > Hand story. I have had criers before, but none of them
    > around me at recess like these two. Any insights?