Re: Heidi songs question
    jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006

    I put dvds on at lunch time (my students eat in my room which
    greatly enhances behavior). They love watching them, although my
    students are fairly high so I usually can watch the lower ones
    just once or twice before they outgrow them....sight words I can
    do longer---all but three of my students entered with letter
    knowledge of all capital letters and about half of lowercase,
    plus a handful of sounds.

    On 9/21/14, Beth wrote:
    > Do you prefer the c.d.'s or DVD's? I'm so excited to
    > purchase these great products this year, after years of
    > "wishing" for them...but now I can't decide what would be
    > best! I'd prefer the DVD's, for the motions/visual, but I'm
    > not sure if they'd be as feasible to use. I have our sight
    > words for the week/month on a smart board page and I would
    > like to link each word to its song. I know this would be
    > possible with the cd, but again, I'd prefer them to have the
    > visuals with the DVD. So, if you do use the DVD, how do you
    > use it? Do you just have to put it in every time and search
    > for the song you're wanting to sing?