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Do you prefer the c.d.'s or DVD's? I'm so excited to purchase these great products this year, after years of "wishing" for them...but now I can't decide what would be best! I'd prefer the DVD's, for the motions/visual, but I'm not sure if they'd be as feasible to use. I have our sight words for the week/month on a smart board page and I would like to link each word to its song. I know this would be possible with the cd, but again, I'd prefer them to have the visuals with the DVD. So, if you do use the DVD, how do you use it? Do you just have to put it in every time and search for the song you're wanting to sing?
jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006 I put dvds on at lunch time (my students eat in my room which greatly enhances behavior). They love watching them, although my students are fairly high so I usually can watch the lower ones just once or twice before they outgrow them....sight words I can do longer---all but three of my students entered with letter knowledge of all capital letters a...See More
Sep 30, 2014

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