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I am having a very hard time teaching my student's their alphabet's. I don't know what else to do. Can you Please Help me!!
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Sara Some things that I use

1. Leap Frog Letter Factory video - we sing the song at random times also - I also suggest it to parents as Christmas/birthday gifts! You can often get a double set = letter factory and word factory for under 10.00

2. Jack Hartman Learning Letter Sounds -

...See More
Sep 22, 2014
jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006 I have letter bean bags and in order to line up for recess, I toss a bean bag to each child, have them identify the letter and sound, we help each other if necessary or they can 'phone a friend' and they get to press the Staples "Easy" button and then line-up.

I do the same with letter-dice ....with both of these you can design your letter...See More
Sep 28, 2014

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