Re: letters
    jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006

    I have letter bean bags and in order to line up for recess, I toss
    a bean bag to each child, have them identify the letter and sound,
    we help each other if necessary or they can 'phone a friend' and
    they get to press the Staples "Easy" button and then line-up.

    I do the same with letter-dice ....with both of these you can
    design your letter choices to coincide with what you know about
    each child, differentiating for each, i.e., if I know that Caleb
    only knows 7 letters, I make sue to give him a letter from his name
    so that he feels successful, I give the tougher letters (w,y) to
    the children I know have already mastered mixing these up.
    Gradually, as we get to know each other, I increase the difficulty

    I also do Study Dog and Starfall, Earobics on the computer---in
    fact I had parents laughing the other day because students were
    begging me to put Study Dog on at lunch (we eat in our room which I
    LOVE) and they were all excited, couldn't wait for their turn---and
    I have a new computer without a mouse at the moment so I also had
    to teach them how to use the touchpad, which they LOVED. Parents
    and I agreed we weren't going to tell them they were learning.....

    I try to plug letter/sound knowledge into every transition until I
    know they are solid on letters and sounds. We sing who let the
    letters out while I use large flashcards or Dr. Jeans "where is
    a?"--some do sign language but I don't so this works. I also just
    do a chant to the flashcards (Wright Group) A apple /a/, B bird
    /b/, etc....these have two cards for the vowels and letters "G" and
    "c" which is nice.

    On 9/21/14, Flacka wrote:
    > What have you tried so far?
    > I find songs and games work well along with lots and lots of
    > repetition. There are many alphabet videos on youtube and
    > the kids enjoy them, I also like Leap Frog Letter factory video
    > and songs by Dr. Jean, Jack Hartman and others. Games such
    > as bingo, fishing, and the many games and smart board
    > software that you can buy at Lakeshore capture their
    > attention. is good as are many of the iPad apps.
    > There is lots out there!
    > On 9/21/14, Beth wrote:
    >> Hi:
    >> I am having a very hard time teaching my student's their
    >> alphabet's. I don't know what else to do. Can you Please
    >> Help me!!