Re: Writing Workshop Question
    jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006

    I let my students write about anything they want in the beginning
    by teaching sight words, I, a, am, like, love---then they can
    immediately write sentences "I am 5 or 6", "I am Caleb", "I like
    ___", "I love____". I spend time labeling first too. I still
    like Kidwriting as a way to begin writing with kindergartners,
    then blend in Lucy Calkins and some Randee Bergen---I like how
    she has them practice their name a couple of times each
    I've incorporated that. I wasn't too picky at first, just trying
    is the most important thing, but now I'm pushing for more exact

    On 9/29/14, K/MA wrote:
    > For the past several years I have started Writing Workshop
    > by having the kids write in journals about something that
    > really happened to them. We do small moment stories and
    > talk about picking one part etc. I usually do this for a few
    > months, then we do personal narratives with a
    > beginning/middle/end and then move into other genres-
    > research, poetry, letter writing and persuasive.
    > My kids just LOVE the other genres and most are kind of
    > blah about writing yet another story of something that
    > happened to them. I think part of it is just that we spend so
    > much time on this one genre.
    > I was thinking about starting the year with "Writer's
    > Notebooks" instead of journals, and exposing the kids to
    > different genres even at the beginning of the year. For
    > example, when teaching labels, the kids could label a
    > picture of something that happened to them, and then later
    > that week label a picture of a pumpkin after we read a
    > nonfiction books about pumpkins. Something like that.
    > Does anyone do anything like this? I'm just trying to figure
    > out if it's a good idea, if it would increase writing
    > motivation, if it can be organized in a logical way...