Re: Rest?

    I teach full-day as well. Don't cut out rest time. This is as
    essential as lunch and recess. Children are on a treadmill
    today. They do not know how to quiet themselves. This is a
    great time for book look and I put chapter books on CD's on.
    So it is rest and literature.

    I do morning and afternoon centers. I teach the kids to work
    independently so I can work with students in small groups or
    one on one.

    I know all of the monitoring is stressful but don't give in on
    what you know is right for the kids.

    On 10/19/14, Stickchick wrote:
    > I teach full day K,, 24 kids and no aide. We've been
    > doing rest in our kindergartens for years. It's about 20-25
    > minutes, kids can look at books. I'm pretty sure that we
    > are going to have to send home their bath towels and
    > discontinue this. Do you have rest in your room? If not,
    > how do you get your progress monitoring and individual
    > assessments done?