Re: best tablet for kindergarten

    On 12/07/14, ktchr wrote:
    > I would like to buy some tablets for my
    > classroom but I have no idea which one to
    > purchase. Any advice would be greatly
    > appreciated.

    My Kinders mostly have experience with iPads, which are very
    easy to use for both teacher and students. However, I will
    concede that they are among the most expensive tablets. You
    can get a lot of free apps for them. That said, I did get
    tired of the kids getting ads popping up on them, then some
    parents donated iTunes cards so that I could buy the ad-free

    Androids are usually a lot less expensive. Once inside the
    games, kids have no trouble with them. Friends tell me that
    these have the same issues with free apps, full of ads, unless
    you buy the ad-free versions. However, I'm not too familiar
    with the Google store.

    Whichever you get: GET CASES FOR THEM! My school handed me 5
    iPads for student use and NO CASES. Since I am not spending
    $15-25 each out of my own money, I've done two things. My
    students are not allowed to walk around the room carrying
    them. They carry them to one place and then sit on the floor
    to use them -- not at tables or desks, so they won't drop them
    3 ft. So far, so good for 3 months. The other thing I did was
    to take 2 pieces of velour fabric and sew them together on 3
    sides to create a "pocket" for each of them. This allows me to
    store them without scratches and to take them home
    periodically for updates and charging.