Re: Free Kinder Common Core Aligned Curriculum

    On 12/10/14, Ami wrote:
    > Hello!
    > My name is Ami and I one of the co-founders of Peekapak.
    > We design interactive, play-based learning experiences
    > children ages 4-8. Working alongside experts and
    > we recently launched a new common core aligned, classroom
    > curriculum and we're looking for Kindergarten teachers to
    > use it and provide feedback.
    > These lessons provide an engaging original story,
    > projects, and classroom discussions and are aligned to
    > Kindergarten level standards. The curriculum is free to
    > download and for those teachers who use it and provide us
    > feedback, we'll ship the first 100 respondents a free
    > Peekapak (valued at $30).
    > You can learn more about the curriculum at:
    > We hope we can partner with you and get your thoughts!
    > Ami

    Hi Ami,

    I would also love to be one of the first 100 to respond.
    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Hope I am in the top