I feel like I'm losing them!

    So, I'm hoping for help. I've been teaching kindergarten
    for 10 years now and go through this EVERY year... I
    know it has to be something that I am doing or not doing.
    My class isn't getting along... they are mean to each
    other, moan and groan about everything I say, and just do
    not seem to care. Lining up is miserable, clean up is
    miserable, they have become noisy, hurtful, and
    combative. I feel like I "have" them in the beginning of
    the year and then each year, right around November,
    things shift. The classroom atmosphere is no longer
    pleasant. How do I win them over/back? I really do not
    want to go through the crest of the school year like this
    AGAIN. Any suggestions?