Re: I feel like I'm losing them!

    On 12/13/14, Mary wrote:
    > So, I'm hoping for help. I've been teaching kindergarten
    > for 10 years now and go through this EVERY year... I
    > know it has to be something that I am doing or not doing.
    > My class isn't getting along... they are mean to each
    > other, moan and groan about everything I say, and just
    > not seem to care. Lining up is miserable, clean up is
    > miserable, they have become noisy, hurtful, and
    > combative. I feel like I "have" them in the beginning of
    > the year and then each year, right around November,
    > things shift. The classroom atmosphere is no longer
    > pleasant. How do I win them over/back? I really do not
    > want to go through the crest of the school year like this
    > AGAIN. Any suggestions?

    Mary, there is so much growth from Sept. - June that w all
    need to be reminded that they are five and going back to
    the beginning we forget that it does take time. Have you
    read "How Full is Your Bucket?" By Tom Rath? This is a
    great book to get the kids talking about feelings and how
    we can tell when someone has an empty bucket just by the
    way they walk into a room. This is also a great time of year
    for a unit on friendship. I know you have tones of great
    titles that the kids can relate to on that! I've been teaching
    for over 30 years and it took me a long time to realize that
    when we enter the holiday season, it's best to do
    everything in your power to tone things down rather than
    wind them up. With all of the "Elfs" in their houses now,
    that can be tricky, but keep things as normal for as long as
    possible! Hang in there. You aren't alone in this. Modeling
    good behavior is a year long task!