Re: whole-group math counting activities

    I am curious as to what you would do with the child/children
    who are way beyond 1-10 activities entering your classrooms?
    I ask that because we are trying to determine the right
    placement for our soon to be 5 dgd. I volunteered in her
    older brother's K class a few years ago, and I know that if
    she was only getting 1- 10 activities even now at this time
    of year, she would not have made any gains in math at all. We
    are talking about a child who is doing addition and
    subtraction games mentally and has been counting beyond 100
    for several months now. I see a lot of unusual cognitive
    traits for a child this age for capabilities I didn't see
    with our children and her older siblings.

    I know a child who has a talent for mathematics and this
    child does. When I read posts like these, I begin to wonder
    if it would be best to skip K (she is reading also) and go
    directly into first the following year. I understand there
    are many K aged children who are at this basic 1-10 and
    simple addition and subtraction level, but I failed to see
    any adaptions for those children who were beyond that when
    volunteering in that K class three years ago. I want her to
    continue her natural love for mathematics.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!