Re: Job interview for kindergarten position
    Interview Prep

    Hi! So I'm newer to teaching and so I've been through a lot of
    interviews in different districts for k-6 positions.
    My advice is to make sure you are aware of cultural
    sensitivity. I am in California, so maybe it varies from state to
    state, but EVERY interview has always had some sort of
    question about multiculturalism/diversity/etc. One question
    was sort of like "Hispanic and African American children have
    blah blah issues in school about blah blah, what are ways
    that you can accommodate these discrepancies and cultural
    They usually also have questions about gifted students,
    special needs, and students who are not on level & CELDT
    students (how you would make
    They might give you a class scenario, and you have to talk
    your way through it.
    They might ask you to talk about your classroom
    management styles.
    They might bring up CCSS, so be familiar with what is
    expected of them at that level.

    And a hint, especially if you're in California...EQUAL
    OPPORTUNITY EDUCATION!! The reason I was hired for the
    school I am at now is because the principals were happy I
    mentioned that. The principal who chose me said I was the
    only one who talked about that out of all of their candidates.
    So basically not just about cultural/language differences, but
    also gender and class. That basically all students are entitled
    to a good education, and if that means you have to work
    longer to accommodate for that, then that's what you have to
    do, otherwise the student is going to have a hard time
    advancing and that they haven't failed the system, the
    system failed to provide an equal opportunity for them.

    Anyway, hope that helps a little bit!!

    On 3/06/15, Carlee wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am going to be interviewing for a kindergarten position
    > the school I work in. I am currently the k-8 art teacher and
    > paraprofessional in various areas of the school. I have
    > been preparing for this interview, as I knew the position
    > would become available at the end of the year. However,
    > what do you think I should know or should be prepared
    > for? Thanks!