Re: what are we doing?

    I teach in a large district in a NON common core state and we
    have a transient population at my school. This state has
    strong standards (some are more stringent than CC) and we
    get a pacing guide from the district along with all kinds of
    rubrics and, even with all of that, there isn't consistency.
    They can put whatever they want into place and still it gets
    changed and tweaked.

    On 3/14/15, pktchr wrote:
    > Common Core has one good
    >> thing going for it, and that's some sort of educational
    > plan
    >> for all so that a military brat can move from CA to FL and
    > not
    >> lose a year or repeat a year of education.
    > I'm not a fan of Common Core, but as the parent of 5
    > "military brats" who moved from N.J. to OK, to IL, to VA
    > back to a different district in IL. A little consistency
    > would have been helpful. Being a "military brat" isn't easy.