Cry-er, still!

    I have a little guy in my classroom who still cries over one
    thing or another, EVERY DAY. Most days he bursts out into
    tears at least two or three times. It's usually that he
    didn't get his way about something, or somebody took cuts in
    front of him, or something that might look "petty" to us
    big-people, but are very important to him.

    One of the kids finally said something to him today, after
    he burst into tears because somebody moved his paper across
    the table, "You cry EVERY day, stop it!" That caused the
    little guy to cry even harder and insist that he did NOT cry
    every day.

    I took him aside and quietly tried to calm him down, and I
    told him, yes, you do cry every day. We don't know whether
    it's something really important, like you got physically
    hurt, if you got your feelings hurt, which does hurt, or if
    you just misunderstood somebody else. This isn't the first
    time I've tried to talk with him about this problem.

    I don't know what else I can do or say to him. Any ideas? Is
    this just a maturity thing? This is my first year teaching
    straight K after 10 years of Music K-12, so I'm still
    learning about full-timing it with 5 and 6 year olds.