Re: Cry-er, still!

    Gosh Donna I wish I could help,
    I teach in a mixed grade class, 1,2,3,6,7,8, and I still have
    two of my grade 2 and 1 grade 3 student crying for no reason.

    One day they all started crying because I said, "good job",
    to just one of them, and one was jealous, and the other was
    sympathetic, and the first one cried because he was happy.

    At different times I have sat them all down alone and talked
    to them about calming down and saving tears for big hurts.

    *We practice breathing exercises; breath in your nose and out
    your mouth as slow as you can,

    *Counting for a reminder to time out and go calm down on
    their own,

    *Reminding them that we are all important and we can express
    our feelings with words not just tears when we are

    I feel like it is a combination of parents rescuing them from
    feeling bad and not showing them how to deal with frustration
    and disappointment, maturity, and manipulation.
    I have had less crying with them since we learned the
    breathing, practiced it for a while, and then started self
    time out (they give themselves a time out to calm down, or by
    the time I get to three I give them one)

    Hope I helped!