Re: Kindergarten Round-Up?

    On 3/30/15, Jennifer Starcke wrote:
    > I need to do a K Round up this year (yes, I know it's late)

    Our K round-up is just a time for parents to fill out the
    registration forms, have questions about the forms
    answered. I give the kids a short test - ID letters, see how
    high they can count and write their name. We are at a one K
    class school, so testing the kids to see on colors , shapes, if
    tehy can cut, etc. makes little difference, as I get all of them
    anyway. We kept the letter ID test as we have realized that
    some parents want to "show off" how smart their kids is. We
    hold the "round-up" from 3:00 - 5:00 on only one day in
    early March.

    I'm there to greet the new kindergartners, to say hi to the
    parents, and because we hold the round up in the K

    For advertising, We put a news article about the K round-up
    in the local free community newspaper, as well as let our one
    preschool inform the parents of incoming K's about the date
    and time of the round-up.

    On each Wednesday in May, the "graduating preschoolers"
    come to the K class with their preschool teacher (preschool is
    just across the street) for an hour. We sing the song we will
    start the net year with, hear a story, do an art activity, and
    that's it. It gives the new kids a chance to see the classroom,
    and meet me. We also advertise these Wednesdays in the
    local community paper so parents of prospective
    kindergartners know about these "visits" so they can bring
    their child too if they want to.

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