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Hey y'all, I am a veteran teacher, but sure would like ideas for a sweet child. I have this little girl who is from a very sheltered family of a different culture. She has had GREAT difficulty interacting with her peers. The other children are very kind to her and often invite her to join them in any type of play or be their learning partner, but she adamantly refuses their invitations. When we are on the playground she does not run, play by herself or with others, but stands by herself the entire time unless I am alone. When she sees I'm alone she will come talk to me. This brings me to the other point, she NEVER talks about any of our learning or activities in class. Her only topic of conversation is about her mom picking her up, something her family has done (very limited too) or her new baby brother. I know what I should talk to her parents about, but am not sure how to approach it. Her mother is VERY protective. This board is always full of good ideas. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Ca...See More

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