Re: sightwords

    She has obviously learned the words in isolation but
    hasn't yet made the leap to recognize them in a sentence.
    There are a lot of sight word practice sheets on the
    internet or you could make them up. Target 1 word such
    as "see" and have her practice writing the word and
    saying it as she writes it. Then write some very simple
    sentences with "see" in them such as "I see a cat." "I see
    a ball." and vary the pattern so some are "We can see the
    moon" and "See the dog run".

    Give her a highlighter and have her find the target word in
    each sentence and highlight it. Now have her read the
    sentences. After she gets a good handle on this, try
    having her read the sentences without or before she
    highlights the word.

    Reading a to z ( is a good
    source for simple books and they have a whole section of
    books that feature sight words. You print and staple the
    books and you are good to go.

    I sure if you ask her teacher she can also give you some

    Hope this helps.

    On 4/12/15, dave wrote:
    > I'm looking for advice the help my daughter. She can
    > rattle through her site words but when they come in a
    > sentence, She sounds out even two letter words. She is
    > clever and I have no fear she'll get over it.. but I want
    > to help her out.