Re: Switching from 3rd to K!

    Take a deep breath, it will be very different than teaching
    the intermediate grades but it will be a nice change.
    When you get them in 3rd and 4th grade they are already
    pretty independent and know the drill but it's the K
    teacher than teaches them the "drill".

    It will be up to you to familiarize them with ALL the school
    and classroom routines and procedures from how to
    make a line, walk down the hall, hang up their things, etc.
    Walk through the school and see it for the first time
    because that is how they will see it. Learn to walk
    backwards so you can guide them down the hall to the
    room for the first couple of weeks. Think through how
    you want them to do everything and break it down in your
    mind into single steps. Talk to the K teachers now and
    ask them about the first days and how they approach
    them. Setting the tone for the first days is important in
    any grade but especially kindergarten.

    Some books I have found very helpful are Jan
    Richardson's "Next Step to Guided Reading" and Daily 5.

    I am retiring from 20+ years of full day kindergarten and
    for the most part, it's been a great ride. If you need
    "stuff", let me know as I am getting rid of all of mine that I
    have bought and used over the years.

    On 4/12/15, Christiana wrote:
    > I've been teaching grades 3 & 4 for the last 17 years. I
    > decided to mix things up and teach full-day
    > This will be our district's first year having full-day. What
    do I
    > do to get ready? Any books you would suggest?
    > Classroom Management? Skills? Aiyiyi! Excited, but