Anyone ever heard of this? Is it age appropriate?
    AFK, SLP

    I just came across this website and thought I would ask the
    experts. I am a speech pathologist and recently evaluated
    a 4 year old female. Mother and teacher expressed concern
    regarding the child's inability to name alphabet letters.
    They reported the child labels letters (examples below) as
    follows: W= child responds "starts with Will"; G= starts
    with Gabby; J= Jeremiah, S= Sophia. This child is also
    unable to rote count or identify numbers.
    Is this normal for a 4 year old who has been in daycare
    since birth and preschool this entire academic year? If
    not typical, does anyone know what her errors may
    indicate? Early dyslexia? Early Processing/Memory
    problems? Her naming ability was age appropriate given the
    Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test. I'm not sure
    how this website works but my email is
    if you have further questions or comments.