Re: Anyone ever heard of this? Is it age appropriate?
    K teacher

    I certainly wouldn't dismiss the mother's concern and if it's a
    processing issue, that is more your field of expertise than mine.
    Exposing the child to the letters is important and it's also
    important to do it in many different ways - auditory, visual,
    kinesthetic because there are many different ways to learn. Make
    sure she has had many different opportunities to learn the
    letters and the numbers. There are websites and apps that she
    can use along with books, videos (Leap Frog leter factory), and
    games (go fish, old maid). There are many, many ideas on
    Pinterest for helping with learning letters and numbers.

    I have many students who enter K with little or no letter, letter
    sound or number knowledge and pick it up during the first
    semester. This child may not be ready for it just yet. If she
    has not picked it up my mid-year in kindergarten, then the
    parents my want to follow up.

    On 4/29/15, ACF, SLP wrote:
    > Thank you, K teacher, for replying to my post. This child has
    > been exposed to numbers/counting, letters and proper names for
    > each. She comes from a lovely home where the mother has a
    > Ph.D. and is a licensed social worker. The mother is actually
    > a behavioral counselor for the children who attend our therapy
    > clinic. She is very skilled in her knowledge of what
    > children's milestones are so I have no doubts when it comes to
    > the teaching and/or exposure to academic milestones.
    > I will ask, though, if this patient has been taught the "starts
    > with" strategy or if her use of names instead of letters has
    > been reinforced in the past where the child would continue this
    > pattern.
    > As a background as to why I am considering the possibility of
    > her showing signs of an early processing problem, etc., I will
    > share that this child's older brother has recently been
    > diagnosed with a significant language processing disorder. His
    > mother always suspected something but because his "outside
    > layer" fooled the untrained eye for approximately 6 years, she
    > and he both suffered much frustration until he was able to
    > receive therapy services.
    > What are your thoughts as to this child's use of the "starts
    > with" strategy being a form of environmental print reading?