Very difficult parent and student
    vt mommy


    I have a student who is sweetie but has much difficulty
    controlling his body, his mouth, he is a huge disruption
    to our days. I am at my wit's end. Mom does not at all
    agree - has made this VERY clear - that any sort of extra
    help is needed. I believe that he is sensory seeking and
    have tried a special seat for him to sit on, koosh balls
    etc. to manipulate when he is fidgety. He goes out for
    motor breaks. He has a weighted vest that mom did
    agree to. There are times I simply can't teach with him
    in the room. I have tried rewards, consequences.

    I want to cry. I so badly want him to feel successful but
    it's very difficult - especially when the parent does not
    share my views.

    Any advice....
    Thank you!