Re: Very difficult parent and student
    Maureen N.

    Does Mom deny that there might be a problem or has she
    acknowledged that some of what you describe has been
    observed at home? Has she ever observed in the classroom to
    see how he is when in a large group of children? There can
    be any number of reasons he is this way in the classroom,
    including the sensory issues, diet, not getting enough
    sleep, a need to stand out in a large group - and the list
    goes on.

    There are children who are naturally active and have a
    strong need for outdoor exploration and free play. Being
    asked to sit for periods of time at this age can be against
    his natural drive. What activities have you observed where
    he is engaged and focused on that activity?
    That should give you a good clue on how to adapt the
    environment to meet his needs.Often it is easier to change
    something in the environment instead of trying to force the
    child to be something that he lacks the maturity and self
    control to adapt at this time. I always looked for that
    certain activity that called to the child - what he or she
    loved doing and built from there.

    I hope you can get some input on the issues you are